Maggie Stroder

eWranglers employs me as a full time Marketing manager. I live in Emigrant Montana and was commuting to work to the Bozeman office 1 to 1.5 hours each day, each way. There were some days the drive was extremely treacherous. eWranglers uses a VoIP system and as a result I was given the option to work part time from home. After implementing my work at home set up, it was determined that it was working so well I was told I could work full time from home. The VoIP system works as if I was sitting my office in Bozeman – phones ring directly to me at home, I can forward to my cell if needed. I have a mobile application for my laptop utilizing the same technology. In my position at eWranglers I conduct client interviews, our system allows me to record these conversations for later documentation. The recording feature within our system is also a great tool for record keeping and accountability. I am extremely grateful for our VoIP system.

eWranglers employee