Debbie L. Chilton

I have been a client of eWranglers for several years now. It doesn’t matter when I call, and I have called at some crazy hours, they are always there to help, fix the problem and/or work on it until it is fixed. I am a transcriptionist for a large orthopedic company and a working computer is pretty important. They make sure I have all the current firewall protection and download any programs that are needed to perform my job more efficiently and effectively. I also work from home and eWranglers has given the same courteous help there too. Steve has stopped by on his way home and come over on the weekends just to fix whatever the issue is. Personable, efficient, knowledgeable and patient is what eWranglers has been for me! Trust me I am not a computer person so I depend on them and thy have been there EVERY TIME!!

Medical Transcription Manager