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Cyber security implementation helps our staff keep protected email information safe

eWranglers and its cyber security implementation helps our staff keep protected email information safe. eWranglers effectively and efficiently aids in our organization's on-boarding of new staff members at the drop of a hat -- their customer service is unparalleled! Whenever we have a question or concern, Steve and his team are quick to solve any problem we might have. Thanks for all that you do for us, eWranglers!

Direction of Operations

…Thank You eWranglers!

…Thank You eWranglers!

We hired eWranglers to work with our staff to implement Cyber Security Protections and set up a network. The #1 benefit was having Stephen identify the largest risks to our firm in the day to day functions, roles, and responsibilities we perform.

He was able to recommend and implement solutions that improved security, did not burden the staff, and allow all of our employees to remain efficient and productive. We always check with Stephen before we add any new technology! Thank you eWranglers.

Operations Officer
Resort Tax Big Sky Montana

Concerns regarding Cyber Security Lead us to eWranglers!

Concerns regarding Cyber Security Lead us to eWranglers!

Habitat for Humanity was concerned about our Essential Cyber Security and had heard good things about eWranglers services. After a security assessment and discussion of their services we decided to partner with eWranglers. We were trying to handle some tasks in house and it wasn’t working out.

We needed our security addressed along with other IT needs, including computer installation and file transfer. For me, as the bookkeeper having our Security experts just a phone call away has come with huge benefits. We love that eWranglers is in the area and can be on site quickly. eWranglers goes out of their way to let us know they appreciate our business. As a non-profit company we must invest wisely. Steve, the CEO - secured a donated computer for me and set it up. My computer was over twelve years old. I love that my “new” computer is so much faster.

Habitat for Humanity

Ron Eison

Synergy Surgicalists has been working with eWranglers to handle our Cyber Security. We recently opened a new location and having eWranglers on site to set up and troubleshoot was absolutely good planning on our part. CEO Stephen Zetzer personally managed this task. His timeliness and professionalism along with the promise to deliver was amazing. We certainly have been pleased with the outstanding customer service and ongoing support from eWranglers and our partnership with them.

Director of Practice Management
Synergy Surgicalists

I couldn’t be happier with the Service

I couldn’t be happier with the Service

eWranglers is thorough and attentive. I arrived at work and a file was missing on our Zdrive – this is a shared drive. It was determined we would need the file restored. eWranglers owner, Steve was able to go through the process and retrieve all of our files. Steve made sure all the documents on my local PC would start being backed up. I couldn't be happier with the service.

Operations Manager
Gallatin Valley Food Bank, HRDC

Excellent Service and Attention!

Excellent Service and Attention!

I want to take this opportunity to say Thank You for the excellent service and attention you have given our organization over the past year. It was roughly a year ago that our Board of Directors agreed that we needed to protect our files, find a secure place to save our working files and to have computer systems that interfaced with each other and did not create downtime for us.

In stepped eWranglers. Your proposal was straight forward so we knew clearly what services you would provide. And, after a year, I can say that you lived up to those services and provided more beyond that to meet our needs.

As a nonprofit we need to keep our costs down and yet perform to the highest standards because our competitive environment is as competitive as the for profit sector. Having eWranglers as part of our team enabled us to keep our computers running, safe from viruses and malware, and receive the talents of IT without having to have someone on staff. A true cost savings for us.

We look forward to continuing your services as we move into the new year.

Thanks again for the professionalism, attention to our needs, and doing so in such a way as to meet our needs.

Executive Director

Maggie Stroder

eWranglers employs me as a full time Marketing manager. I live in Emigrant Montana and was commuting to work to the Bozeman office 1 to 1.5 hours each day, each way. There were some days the drive was extremely treacherous. eWranglers uses a VoIP system and as a result I was given the option to work part time from home. After implementing my work at home set up, it was determined that it was working so well I was told I could work full time from home. The VoIP system works as if I was sitting my office in Bozeman – phones ring directly to me at home, I can forward to my cell if needed. I have a mobile application for my laptop utilizing the same technology. In my position at eWranglers I conduct client interviews, our system allows me to record these conversations for later documentation. The recording feature within our system is also a great tool for record keeping and accountability. I am extremely grateful for our VoIP system.

eWranglers employee

eWranglers recovered my whole office after a server crash with another IT company

eWranglers recovered my whole office after a server crash with another IT company

A couple of years ago, my office had a server issue during tax season. The recovery process was difficult and impacted our ability to work during our busiest time of the year.

Hubley Phillips & Williams, PLLP

Our server went down briefly as we were in the process of transitioning from our former IT Company to eWranglers. I gave eWranglers a call to let them know of the issue, and they told me they knew what the problem was and was already driving over to handle it when I called them. They have been really on top of things during the transition and are quick to resolve an issue if there is one.

Office Manager

“Before employing eWranglers we were totally at the mercy of whomever showed up to fix out computers…”

“Before employing eWranglers we were totally at the mercy of whomever showed up to fix out computers…”

We fumbled along for years, bouncing back and forth between different IT support services. In the past we were small enough to use the yellow pages to find our computer support. This worked for a while, however, as we grew we realized we needed a different level of support. We weren’t getting by with the little tweaks we were trying. We would make a phone call and would end up talking with someone in another county. We wanted someone local who could put a face to the voice and give instantaneous support. When our computers were down for a week it created immense stress, our hands were tied and we just didn’t know how to fix the situation ourselves. Before employing eWranglers we were totally at the mercy of whomever showed up to fix our computers. This is when we really had a serious conversation about IT support. We are a very, very small company and this is a significant financial outlay to have managed service. We went back and forth trying to decide if we wanted to spend our money on Managed services. When we spoke with Stephen Zetzer, CEO of eWranglers, it became apparent he really knew what he was doing and when he came to our place to install our system we appreciated what a nice guy he is to be around. He eased our transition especially while we were dealing with some things we didn’t totally understand.

Patient & knowledgeable

Patient & knowledgeable

eWranglers has assisted us with many IT issues over the years – from minor things such as setting up email accounts for new employees to more complicated projects such as our transition to EMR. Most recently they helped us get our laptops, iPads and wireless printer working at remote locations that our providers see patients at. It is wonderful for our providers and staff to be able to gain remote access into our server securely and perform tasks in our EMR system from other locations. This allows them to complete their work while at the remote locations rather than having to play “catch up” when they return to the clinic!! Everyone I have dealt with over the years has been patient, knowledgeable, and able to explain things in layman’s terms that I can understand. I have greatly appreciated our business relationship and feel assured that our IT issues will be taken care of as long as eWranglers is there to help.

Please extend this “Thank you” to all of your staff that have helped us over the years.

Financial Administrator (former Practice Manager)
Montana Skin Cancer and Dermatology Center, PC

Cannot thank them enough

Cannot thank them enough

We cannot thank you enough for all your work on the system. We know you wore yourselves out with long hours to make the transition as smooth as possible. It is now working beautifully and we have you to thank for that!

Ed. D.
Formerly with J. Steven Smith, DDS

No data was lost & saved us exposure to potential fines

No data was lost & saved us exposure to potential fines

eWranglers worked with Bridger Orthopedic and Sports Medicine for several years. They handled all our mobile device and computer security and are extremely compulsive regarding data security. They provided tracking, security and pass codes for all our mobile devices. Recently I had the unfortunate experience of losing my phone. This could have been a disastrous situation had my phone not been heavily secured. eWranglers was able to secure, track and assist recovery of my phone. If my phone had been lost without eWranglers security precautions this could have been a serious breach of HIPAA rules and regulations. Their strict adherence to data security policies allowed me to avoid reporting a breach to civil offices of HIPAA. No data was lost and they saved our company exposure to potential fines.

PC, MD, US Ski Team Physician
Director Sports Medicine, Montana State University

Assurance that our systems are up to date and secure

Assurance that our systems are up to date and secure

When considering IT services, companies need to consider how much in-house expertise is available to carry out all the needed monitoring, updating etc… There is a cost to maintaining your own systems and keeping up with the rapid changes in IT.

For us, having eWranglers provides assurance that our systems are up to date and secure without the cost of the software and backup systems. For instance, during a routine monitoring of our system eWranglers was able to remote on to our computers and disable three suspicious plugins, install security software and remove 10 threats, all of this was done without having to interrupt the employee whose computer was affected. eWranglers maintains offsite backups of our data which allows us to relax and know that in the case of some type of shut down, all of our data is protected and we will be up and running in a matter of hours. We store many different types of client information and data, the monitoring services that eWranglers provides allows us to feel confident that we won’t have a breach of data. It’s important to consider the cost of having to respond to this type of incident, not only in hard dollars and staff time, but in customer confidence.

Former Asset & Property Management

Wiening Landscapes

Professional and efficient support

Professional and efficient support

We recently remodeled our office and we were working under a very tight timeline. eWranglers not only kept us on schedule with moving our offices smoothly back into our remodeled work space, but they also donated a server, and were able to get us a software donation for our non-profit organization, as well. I couldn't ask for a better IT company with such professional and efficient support. They are always there when we need them!

Former Operations Manager

Instrumental in improving our HIPAA compliance

Instrumental in improving our HIPAA compliance

We have been using eWrangler’s services since we opened our doors for business. We understand that there are other companies that may offer managed IT services for less money, but there are some areas of eWrangler’s service that is invaluable to us that you may be missing out on if you choose to go with another company. Steve and the eWranglers group take the time to really understand your business. They learn your industry and understand the unique challenges you face and ensure that they are taking these into account in all of their IT planning. eWranglers uses software to monitor our network, but has live people to handle any issues many times before we even know an issue exists. I believe this makes up for the cost that would be lost in productivity if we have system issues, or if we had to pay internal people to deal with network issues, not to mention the frustration of a non-technical person trying to solve technical problems!

Another area of our business that eWranglers has been instrumental in improving is our compliance with HIPAA and other privacy regulations. As the Privacy Officer for a medical office it became very apparent to me that Privacy and Security policies and procedures needed to be implemented collaboratively. We had privacy policies issued, but needed corresponding security policies and procedures to ensure the privacy policies were enforced in our largely paperless office. This is another area that eWrangler’s services and knowledge was invaluable to us. Steve was offering a training series to help work through writing and implementing security and privacy policies. He was very knowledgeable of the current regulations regarding privacy and security and was able to walk us through the process of integrating these two areas of our business to be HIPAA compliant and meet our overall Security goals. Steve performed a risk assessment for us to let us know not only where we may not be meeting HIPAA requirements, but also of any system weaknesses that could subject us to liability for breaches which we know can result in large reputational and financial losses for a medical practice. Steve also helped to redesign our HIPAA training for our employees to make it more engaging and ensure that we are meeting our patient’s expectations of a staff trained to safeguard their private health information including that which is in an electronic format.

I would sincerely recommend eWranglers for your managed IT services. I am certain that you will soon wonder how you managed without this valuable part of your team!

Human Resources Manager

Phenomenal Effort to Customized Requests

Phenomenal Effort to Customized Requests

I have worked with eWranglers for the last several years. They make a phenomenal effort to customize requests for specific IT issues. Any time I have a problem, the competent staff at eWranglers makes the effort to solve the issue in the most timely and economical way. I don’t worry about IT issues with eWranglers around!

Synergy Surgicalists, Inc

Alan A. Wanderer, MD

Writing about eWranglers is an easy task. eWranglers has been a superb warden of our computer and Internet security needs. They respond quickly, they are courteous, they are skilled, and they never show intolerance, especially for someone like me who seems to be the first to ferret out computer problems. eWranglers is a company that rightly should be called a treasure in the Treasure State of Montana.

Former Medical Director
Clinical Research Group of Montana, PLLC

Vanessa Skelton

I have had the pleasure of working with eWranglers now for about 5 years. They are incredibly skilled at what they do! Thrive would be lost without the direction of Steve and his team. Their approach to technology management is extremely progressive and they are constantly improving and evaluating their systems to ensure they are serving their clients in the best way possible. They are so quick to respond and help us out with any need we might have, and always do it with a smile. With their support and direction Thrive has achieved such greater technological efficiency enabling us to spend more time serving the children and families of our community. I would recommend them to anyone who is seeking a highly motivated, skilled, friendly and fun team to support them in their technology needs. I feel like they are one of a kind, and Thrive feels so lucky to have them! Thank you Steve and Kristin!

Program Manager

Pat Wanderer

Steve Zetzer and his company eWranglers have been an integral part of our medical practice and clinical research center since it was started in 2000. All of our systems from phone, scheduling, billing and integration of our allergy injection program has been researched, designed and implemented by this excellent company. Steve and his staff carefully considered our needs and did extensive research to be sure we had every system we needed and then found reliable, cost effective companies from which he negotiated leases and purchase options for us. The implementation of each system was well planned and smoothly executed with attention to every small detail with little or no down time for our busy practice. When we expanded into a center for pharmaceutical research trials, Steve was able to integrate our practice information into a new research based software that enable us to track information on each patient going through the trials.

eWranglers staff members are always available for any type of emergency, down to late night phone calls and trips to trouble shoot for those emergencies that can arise. Our staff has never experienced the frustration of “we will be there sometime this week” that other companies offer. When a problem arises, a call or email gets a response quickly and when necessary, they are on site to fix any problem. Many times, because of their state of the art monitoring system, they fix problems before we even know they exist. As in any small business, cost is always a consideration.

eWranglers provides us the support and insurance that we will not lose critical data, that our patient records are secure, and our systems are HIPAA compliant. This allows us to focus on our patients without worry of down time, computer crashes, and other problems that are so prevalent in this computer world. The cost of our support with eWranglers is so worth the security that comes with having them on our team. The cost savings to our practice and research center over the years has been significant, just in the selection of systems and equipment. Steve doesn’t cut corners, but what he designs and implements have saved us from spending money on equipment and programs which have since failed in other practices. Their constant monitoring of all of our communication needs have been priceless!

Former Administrator
Clinical Research Group

Rob Blake, M.D

eWranglers has designed, supported and upgraded our entire office (more than 50 employees) computer system in the complex and highly regulated medical computer world. In a word, they are amazing. Always available, knowledgeable, friendly and competent, we would simply be lost without them. I like that they are constantly looking for ways to streamline and simplify our system. I cannot recall a single day in over 10 years, where our system has been down due to an E-wranglers issue. You guys are the best!

Former Chief of Staff
Bozeman Deaconess Hospital

Bill & Cathleen D’Arduini

eWranglers has provided our plumbing and heating business comfort in knowing that we have an excellent computer system setup, with current software and anti-malware, as well as an excellent firewall that is continuously getting monitored and updated. eWranglers provides nightly backups, which is reassuring to us in case the main computer system we run our business from ever experiences issues and data is lost. We know we can call eWranglers to retrieve a full backup of our business files. Thank you eWranglers for your efficient and professional computer support whenever we need it!

Accurate Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

I have been a client of eWranglers for several years now. It doesn’t matter when I call, and I have called at some crazy hours, they are always there to help, fix the problem and/or work on it until it is fixed. I am a transcriptionist for a large orthopedic company and a working computer is pretty important. They make sure I have all the current firewall protection and download any programs that are needed to perform my job more efficiently and effectively. I also work from home and eWranglers has given the same courteous help there too. Steve has stopped by on his way home and come over on the weekends just to fix whatever the issue is. Personable, efficient, knowledgeable and patient is what eWranglers has been for me! Trust me I am not a computer person so I depend on them and thy have been there EVERY TIME!!

Medical Transcription Manager

I have been working closely with eWranglers since 2007 and we have been extremely happy with their services. They are very flexible and willing to help us with our remote network connection 24/7. They are approachable and easy to relate to. Overall, eWranglers is my first and only choice for our network management needs.

Clinical Research Group of Montana, PLLC