Chili’s Restaurants

Small Business Risk: High (Malware/ Forensics, Brand Reputation/ Loyalty)

Exploit: Malware-based Point of Sale Exploit

Risk to Individuals: Moderate (Replacement of Credit/ Debit Cards with limited liability)

What you need to know: Small business retailers should take the time to educate themselves on POS exploits and how they typically occur.

Mason Law Office Legal

Mason Law Office Legal
Small Business Risk: High (Compliance Violation & Fines, Brand/ Reputation Damage)

Exploit: Apparent Credential- based, account take-over exploit

Risk to Individuals: High: Sensitive PII and Legal Information loss and/ or deletion

What you need to know: It’s not 100% clear that this was an insider threat-based exploit.


Here’s what ID Agent sees as interesting from the Zuckerberg show in DC last week!

The ability to harvest data on billions of Facebook users is not big news… You don’t need a Facebook API to scrape and profile most of its 2 billion users. Profiles set to “public” have been harvested for years, and 3rd party data aggregators have built mountainous datasets on each and every one of these profiles.