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Working with eWranglers enables you to stop worrying about your Cyber Security Issues and refocus your time and energy on what really matters – growing your business. Our loyal clients know that they can depend on eWranglers for Essential Cyber Security services thanks to our package of People, Process and Technology measures, our round-the-clock technical support and the entire team of experts that they know will always be there to serve them. Our package of People, Process and Technology measures is designed to work for our clients in a way to reduce cyber security risk on a subscription basis which helps you meet business partner and regulatory requirements. We’re waiting to do the same for you too! Get in touch with Stephen and his team today.

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Kathy Brown

…Thank You eWranglers!

We hired eWranglers to work with our staff to implement Cyber Security Protections and set up a network. The #1 benefit was having Stephen identify the largest risks to our firm in the day to day functions, roles, and responsibilities we perform.

He was able to recommend and implement solutions that improved security, did not burden the staff, and allow all of our employees to remain efficient and productive. We always check with Stephen before we add any new technology! Thank you eWranglers.

Whitney Brunner
Operations Officer
Resort Tax Big Sky Montana

Kathy Brown

"Concerns regarding Cyber Security Lead us to eWranglers!"

Habitat for Humanity was concerned about our Essential Cyber Security and had heard good things about eWranglers services. After a security assessment and discussion of their services we decided to partner with eWranglers. We were trying to handle some tasks in house and it wasn’t working out. We needed our security addressed along with other IT needs, including computer installation and file transfer. For me, as the bookkeeper having our Security experts just a phone call away has come with huge benefits. We love that eWranglers is in the area and can be on site quickly. eWranglers goes out of their way to let us know they appreciate our business. As a non-profit company we must invest wisely. Steve, the CEO - secured a donated computer for me and set it up. My computer was over twelve years old. I love that my “new” computer is so much faster.

Kathy Brown
Habitat for Humanity

Ron Eison

"Outstanding customer service and ongoing Support"

Synergy Surgicalists has been working with eWranglers to handle our Cyber Security. We recently opened a new location and having eWranglers on site to set up and troubleshoot was absolutely good planning on our part.

Ron Eison
Director of Practice Management
Synergy Surgicalists

Mike Williams - Hubley Phillips & Williams, PLLP

eWranglers recovered my whole office after a server crash with another IT company

A couple of years ago, my office had a server issue during tax season. The recovery process was difficult and impacted our ability to work during our busiest time of the year. After this, I worked (unsuccessfully) with multiple local IT companies to get a backup and disaster recovery solution in place that would be capable of recovering my office quickly. After much angst, I hired eWranglers who was able to implement a hybrid on-site/off-site backup system capable of recovering my whole office. The system was online and operational quickly after they started. eWranglers' staff check the operational status of the system each day. I can rest easy knowing this critical business continuity service is in place at my office.

Mike Williams
Hubley Phillips & Williams, PLLP

Becky H Smith - Steven Smith, DDS

"Cannot thank them enough"

We cannot thank you enough for all your work on the system. We know you wore yourselves out with long hours to make the transition as smooth as possible. It is now working beautifully and we have you to thank for that!

Becky H Smith
Ed. D.
Former with Steven Smith, DDS

Alex B. Legrand - Bridger Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, PC

"No data was lost & saved us exposure to potential fines"

eWranglers worked with Bridger Orthopedic and Sports Medicine for several years. They handled all our mobile device and computer security and are extremely compulsive regarding data security. They provided tracking, security and pass codes for all our mobile devices. Recently I had the unfortunate experience of losing my phone. This could have been a disastrous situation had my phone not been heavily secured. eWranglers was able to secure, track and assist recovery of my phone. If my phone had been lost without eWranglers security precautions this could have been a serious breach of HIPAA rules and regulations. Their strict adherence to data security policies allowed me to avoid reporting a breach to civil offices of HIPAA. No data was lost and they saved our company exposure to potential fines.

Alex B. Legrand
PC, MD, US Ski Team Physician
Director Sports Medicine, Montana State University

Mary A. Martin - HRDC INC.

"Assurance that our systems are up to date and secure"

When Considering IT services, companies need to consider how much in-house expertise is available to carry out all the needed monitoring, updating etc… There is a cost to maintaining your own systems and keeping up with the rapid changes in IT. For us, having eWranglers provides assurance that our systems are up to date and secure without the cost of the software and backup systems.

Mary A. Martin, Director
Former Asset & Property Management

About eWranglers, LLC

eWranglers is best described as a security centric Managed Technology Services provider. Founded in 2000, eWranglers was born with a mission to help small and businesses like yours reduce their cyber security risks. In 2012 eWranglers developed the Essential Cyber Security managed service to address the top areas impacting your cyber security risk. In the context of a risk management tool, it is often used in combination with Insurance to address an organization’s cyber security risk end to end.

  • We focus on the top 10 measures related to People, Process and Technology that impact cyber security risk - allowing our clients to gain better reliability and performance out of their technology investments.
  • We provide 24/7 availability and superior IT support - this allows you to take your focus off of IT problems and put it back to running your business.
  • Essential Cyber Security services from eWranglers are designed, created and implemented with your unique business needs in mind.
  • Service delivery methodology optimizes the balance between performance, functionality, risks and costs to deliver a return on investment that exceeds the cost of our services.